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Tailoring trunk show aka tailoring studio packed in suitcases. The best way to take our tailoring beyond the borders of Prague and the Czech Republic so that everyone can enjoy it.


The personal relationship between the tailor and you is the main essence of making the result perfect. That is why our atelier does not exist as a chain of shops where you meet someone different every time. Our experience is what makes our clothes unique, alongside a perfectly crafted jacket or suit.


We carefully select the latest fabrics and designs for the upcoming season and for your year-round business wardrobe before each trip. We pack accessories such as belts, suspenders, socks or ties to make your wardrobe complete. And along with a display of already finished pieces, we will arrange everything in the fine tuned space of the Sheraton Hotel.

27. - 28.11.

Sheraton hotel

Pfingstweidstrasse 100, 8005 Zürich


We have only limited capacity.

The privacy of our customers is our absolute priority. So you don't have to worry about us discussing everything with you at a booth with a giant "The Owners" sign right in the lobby. On the contrary, expect an elegant private room with everything we need. You can look forward to a wide selection of the finest materials, comfortable seating, a large mirror, adequate lighting for your fabric selection and of course quality coffee and drinks.


How the meeting itself goes and what you can expect can be found here. (only in Czech)

In the case of Trunk shows, the method of delivery varies slightly. We make sure that every piece of clothing that leaves our workshop is 100%. So we definitely won't skip fitting/rehearsal. Within two months of the first appointment, we will take our studio to Zurich again and try everything on. If you still need some fine intervention on our part, we will take everything with us and the finished piece will then be delivered to you ready to be worn.

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